I write books for adults and young adults, about love, humor, mythology, folklore, and regular life. 


All the Better Part of Me


“…entertaining, nuanced… Readers looking for introspective romances with winding plots will enjoy this heartfelt novel.” - Publishers Weekly on All the Better Part of Me

"This honest coming-of-age romance will resonate with those who are discovering their own sexual identity, while Sinter and Andy’s flirtatious, tentative romance should please all lovers of the genre.” - Library Journal on All the Better Part of Me


“Forget true love’s kiss to break a spell, or slaying a dragon to rescue the princess; Ringle employs familiar fairy tale tropes but turns them on their heads to deliver something wholly unexpected and fresh.” - Publishers Weekly on The Goblins of Bellwater


“Ringle provides a thoroughly satisfying thread-tying conclusion.”  - Publishers Weekly on Immortal’s Spring

“I read Persephone's Orchard a year ago and it still remains one of the most unique and engaging retellings of the Hades and Persephone myth I've ever read.” — Rachel Alexander, author of Receiver of Many

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On The Goblins of Bellwater: "This story cast just as much of a spell over me as the goblins cast over Skye. Once I entered Molly's beautifully crafted world where magic and reality mingled, I didn't want to leave! Four characters are drawn together by a goblin curse, and as you grow to care for each of them, you'll find yourself sucked deeper into the story. Throughout the tale, magic and nature are woven together in a clever and believable way. It's wild and rich and dangerous and beautiful—and it made me long to visit Puget Sound, Washington.” - Rachel Morgan, bestselling author of the Creepy Hollow series

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